Indie: Top Shelf Productions announced its upcoming release schedule during Comic-Con. Projects include new stories from Alan Moore and Kevin O'Neill, Matt Kindt, Jeff Lemire, Jeffrey Brown and more. [Comic Book Resources]

Movies: Marvel Studios' Kevin Feige announced that the publisher had reclaimed its rights to the Punisher. I don't think anyone expects he'll make it into "The Avengers." [ICv2]

Comics: John Byrne's "Next Men" are headed back to print with new stories at IDW. This marks the series' first new content since 1995. [IDW}

Animation: Following its initial preview, MTV has debuted a full trailer for the CGI adaptation of Eric Powell's "The Goon." [MTV Splash Page]

Movies: Will the Infinity Gauntlet play a part in the upcoming "Thor" film? Perhaps Thanos will be a villain in "The Avengers?" Only Marvel knows for sure as it teased the prop on the final day of Comic-Con. [Marvel]

Creators: Stan Lee tells the New York Times that Archie And POW! Entertainment's "Super Seven" will have his direct involvement. "They foolishly allowed me to create the characters and the concepts. It's the first time I'm doing what I used to do-deciding whether a concept is viable, picking the artists, trying to make it worthwhile." [Via ICv2 via NYT]

Movies: Will Eisner's celebrated "A Contract With God" is in development. Among the talent involved is Bob Schreck, who will serve as a co-executive producer. [The Beat]

Toys: Hasbro previewed new toys for 2011, including a Chris Hemsworth style Thor from the upcoming movie line. [Marvelous News]

TV: "Smallville" ends this year after ten seasons, but the show will apparently go out with a bang. TV Guide has a look at the show's biggest secrets unveiled (there will be a costume and there will be Darkseid). [TV Guide]

Awards: Congratulations to all of this year's Eisner Award winners! [iFanboy]

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