One of the great and unique things about comics as an art form is the readers' ability to bring the combination of words and images to live at whatever speed and in whatever manner they choose, but at Comic-Con 2011 this year, ComicsAlliance asked a series of creators to give us a live interpretation of their own comics in a series of Dramatic Readings.

First up: Writer Mark Waid reading aloud from Irredeemable, his "What if Superman went bad?" book from Boom! Studios. In this scene, Waid steps into the role of the Plutonian, a seemingly omnipotent Superman-esque hero turned villain who uses his powers to instill a sense of fear and paranoia into the world-wide populace after murdering millions.

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Waid is reading from the Definitive Irredeemable Hardcover collection of the first twelve issues, which was available in advance at Comic-Con and can be preordered now for its official December release. You can also order the first trade of Irredeemable from Boom!, or purchase digital issues for $1.99 at ComiXology.

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