Baked Goods: Nerdache Cakes has produced the most accurate cupcake depiction of Deadpool you could ever imagine. [Nerdist]


Video Games: The new Spider-Man mobile game, Spider-Man Unlimited, looks to have some pretty fast-paced action. [ArcadeSushi]


Movies: Here's a bunch of stuff you may not have known about The Avengers. [ScreenCrush]



Piracy: Two Japanese men have been arrested for uploading Berserk and K-ON! manga to the Internet. They could face up to 10 years in jail. [Crunchyroll]


Video: Folks, Stan Lee may have finally snapped. [GeekTyrant]



Video Games: A Marvel Super Heroes version of Little Big Planet is coming to the PlayStation Vita (but only in Europe) in November. [Joystiq]

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