Digital: Marvel has released two new interactive storybooks for the iPad, Avengers Origins: Assemble and Avengers Origins: The Hulk. [Marvel]

Events: ShiftyLook will hold a free event on May 26 as part of the MCM Expo in the UK featuring stand-up comedy, the music of Area 11 and special guests including designer JamFactory. [ShiftyLook]

Gaming: Namco Bandai is currently working on Dragon Ball Z Sparking! Omega, which will be the final title in the series (known as Budokai Tenkaichi in the US). The game will supposedly feature more characters than any previous DBZ release. [Crunchyroll]

Upcoming: Thom Zahler's "heroically super situation comedy comic book" will return this August with Love and Capes: What to Expect. Fans at Comic-Con can score the first issue early in July with a "Baby Name" variant, though. [IDW]

Toys: Christmas has come early with Art Asylum's Santa Claus Pirate Ship, mateys. [BBTS]

Food: Dunkin' Donuts and Baskin-Robbins are now serving Men in Black 3-themed foods, which include chocolatey and cheese cake-y items like the Undercover Black Cocoa Donut, Chocolate Lunarmax Donut, Pink Surprise Cake, Lunar Cheesecake, Spacey Sundaes. [DD/BR]

Toys: Marvel Select's new Rhino figure isn't due out until 2013, but you can admire its detailed sculpt today! [Marvelousnews]

Gaming: Death rides a pale horse (and a giant golem monster guy) in the latest Darksiders II trailer. [Joystiq]

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