Movies: It looks like the cast of The Avengers filmed an extra scene over the weekend, and not a moment too soon to make the film's May 4 premiere. Fans will probably want to stay after the credits to see if anything goes down. [The Playlist]

Opinion: Tom Spurgeon ponders Marvel and DC's creator relations in light of The Avengers and Before Watchmen. [TCR]

Galleries: If you're in Austin any time during April 27 - May26, the Adventure Time gallery show and marathon screening should be worth checking out. [Cartoon Hangover]

Previews: Dark Horse has posted new images from the upcoming Blacksad: A Silent Hell at its Facebook page. [FB]

Movies: A new image from G.I. Joe: Retaliation shows the softer side of Stormshadow. Ha! Not really, he's trying to kill dudes and stuff. [Toynewsi]

Toys: Spy Monkey Creations has released a few new versions of its armory sets, including one that glows in the dark! [SMC]

Gaming: The English trailer for Studio Ghibli's Ni no Kuni makes the PS3 game's 2013 release date seem all too far away. [Japanator]

Toys: The latest images of Sideshow's Judge Dredd diorama show the hero isn't drokking around. [Toy Ark]

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