Horrifying: Daggers' totally unlicensed $28.45 "Wolverine Style Hand Claw Dagger" is something you should absolutely run away from if you see anyone wearing one anywhere ever. [Dudeiwantthat]

TV: Showtime has picked up Oni's The Damned by Cullen Bunn and Brian Hurtt for series development. [Deadline]

Interviews: Fans worried about Wally West's conspicuous absence from the "New 52" will find some solace in Greg Elias' interview with DC Retroactive: The Flash -- The '80s artist Greg LaRocque regarding Wally's possible whereabouts. [Speed Force]

Sci-Fi: Doctor Who's 11 Doctors get kitty-ized by artist Jenny Parks. [Blastr/ICHC]

Apropos of Nothing: CA contributor Brian Warmoth was chiding Edible Arrangements for their papyrus logo online. I went to their website. They have two wonderfully overpriced Spider-Man baskets to choose from. What am I doing with my life? [Edible Arrangements]

Infographics: Jude Buffum breaks down Hyrule's animal kingdom with a massive poster. [Neatorama]

Cartooning: The Chicago Tribune's 1931 cartoonist staff from an edited excerpt of the paper's silent promotional documentary, From Trees to Tribunes. [The Daily Cartoonist]

Toys: Mattel's Green Lantern Ultimate Construct Collection Hal Jordan has all the clear green plastic fans of the movie could want. [Toys "R" Us]

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