Art: Katie Cook makes Galactus and MODOK adorbz (yes, we said it) feline style. [Super Punch]

Hollywood: Future "Avengers" star Jeremy Renner says Hawkeye's movie duds will be more in line with reality than his purple comic costume. Ultimate Hawkeyeish perhaps? [MTV Splash Page]

History: The Nazi's may have had a secret kill list, but contrary to legend, the editors of the kiddie comics Beano and Dandy weren't on it despite mocking Hitler on a regular basis. [Robot6]

Covers: Batman continues to reach out to new talent on the cover to "Batman, Inc." #2. [The Source]

TV: The trailer for "Smallville" season 10 really pumps up the super heroic nature that may play out through its final episodes. [Superherohype]
Threads: Adidas continues to churn out "Star Wars" kicks worth their weight in awesomeness. Most recently, a pair inspired by Boba Fett. [RobotSumi2]
Art: I'm guessing Morrison's "Batman, Inc." won't play up the character's similarities to Sailor Moon, but DevinatArtist D00li sees to it that fans still can on their own time. [D00li]

Gaming: Atari's got a pre-order deal for its upcoming adaptation of Krome Studio's "Blade Kitten" webcomic. Do you like goth girls with cat ears? [Blade Kitten]

Cosplay: If you're a Midwesterner, you may be into Columbia, MO Public Schools' planned attempt to break the world record for the most people dressed as superheroes in one location on October 30. The day before Halloween? Should be easy enough to find a costume. [Midmococo]

Threads: Mighty Fine is serving up another batch of new Scott Pilgrim shirts. New designs include Gideon's logo, Scott's sketch of Ramona and the magnetic fridge letters from Scott and Wallace's apartment. [Mighty Fine]