The absence of Clint Barton in the hit mobile gaming app Avengers Academy has been somewhat of a running joke between fans and developers, but after being promised for so long the archer Avenger is finally joining the game. Unfortunately for him, he's signing up for class just as all of the robot practice dummies rebel as the villain of the new event is none other than the metallic menace of Ultron!

In an interview with Marvel, TinyCo's Allen Warner talked more about the story of the event, which sees Ultron seeking revenge for the thousands of practice dummies senselessly slaughtered by The Avengers as part of their daily scholastic endeavors. In addition to an army of practice dummies, Ultron also has an evil robotic Captain America and Odin's Destroyer armor, making this possibly the toughest event yet.


Marvel Entertainment
Marvel Entertainment


In addition to Clint Barton joining the team with this update and event, he'll be joined by his partner in crime Kate Bishop and their dog Lucky, AKA Pizza Dog. With it being an Ultron event, Jocasta will also be making an appearance as a recruitable character as will Viv Vision, who arrives as the most newly created character to be playable in the game. Players will also be able to visit Hawkeye's tenement building as a new home base for the cast, where players can hang out at rooftop barbecues. Who knows, maybe Gil is still alive in this version of the Marvel Universe.

As is tradition, the event will also feature a number of costume changes for the main cast, inspired by '80s futurism so that the heroes can utilize technology so old Ultron can't hack it. The entire event sounds like it's shaping up to be one of the most fun yet, and going by Warner's teases of "Young Avengers, gigantic monsters, and the first appearance of one of Marvel’s most iconic villains" for the future, 2017 is shaping up to be a great year for Avengers Academy fans.


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