While we're big fans of TinyCo's Avengers Academy, it can be quite frustrating to put everything you have into unlocking a beloved character you've had your eye on, only to fall short before the end of the event and watch them vanish forever. Thankfully, the game's next event will bring back a host of recruitable characters from 2015 in its next event, as the villains break free and the students call in reinforcements.

The event was announced in an interview on Marvel.com and Avengers Academy's Allen Warner --- the Lead Narrative Designer at TinyCo --- confirmed that fifteen characters will once again be recruitable, including:

  • A-Bomb
  • Baron Zemo
  • Black Knight
  • Blade
  • Captain Britain
  • Crossbones
  • Dracula
  • Electro
  • Green Goblin
  • Groot
  • Jack O'Lantern
  • Punisher
  • Red Hulk
  • Union Jack
  • Winter Soldier

Warner also explained that the event is partly inspired by the Avengers storyline "Under Siege," and will give players who have all the recruitable characters the chance to capture the likes of Ronan The Accuser, Carnage, Kingpin, and Mephisto if they missed them during those specific events. If players already have those characters in their glass prisons, the characters will be busting out as part of the story, but will return to their confines by the end of the event.

Looking forward to the rest of 2017, Warner noted that the Hangouts featured introduced during Halloween will be permanently implemented in the game, and will allow players to recruit Ares, the first of the faculty that will be recruitable. He also confirmed more about the upcoming Ultron revolution event, which sees the long-awaited arrival of Hawkeye, who will bring with him a team of low-tech heroes to combat the mechanical menace.


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