The Avengers Academy is relocating to the former West Coast Avengers compound this fall, just in time for a student to kick the bucket. Every student is a suspect, including the new pupils, and faculty leader Hank Pym has to solve the crime before things get out of control on campus. Writer Christos Gage and artist Sean Chen team for this new murder mystery in November.
In the aftermath of Fear Itself, Avengers Academy #21 introduces a new member to the team: White Tiger. White Tiger has a long legacy in comics, from Hector Ayala (created by Bill Mantlo and George Pérez is the '70s), to his niece Angela Del Toro in the 2000s. Considering that Del Toro is a grown woman and former FBI agent, she's probably not headed back to school. The identity of the new White Tiger is currently unannounced, but fans will undoubtedly get more info on that as we get closer to the release of the issue. Arune Singh, Director of Communications for Marvel, said that the team will feature members of the Runaways and several other teen/young adult-populated titles, including CB Cebulski's Loners.

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