If you've stuck it out with Marvel's mobile game Avengers Academy, you've likely been waiting very patiently for the promised story update that would bring new content, characters and areas of the map. As of today, those dreams have become reality, as it's confirmed that players will soon get access to The Incredible Hulk and the Gamma Zone.

In an interview today on Marvel.com, Avengers Academy's Allen Warner reveals that the latest update will bring The Hulk and --- rather surprisingly --- Tigra to the game, as well as unlocking the Gamma Zone area of the map that has been off-limits since the game's launch. The addition of The Hulk is especially exciting for this particular reporter, as he is voiced by my hero and idol, the one and only John Cena.




Previously The Hulk had been an early access character that was available for 1,495 Infinity Gem shards, the game's premium currency. As The Hulk joins the game, Thor will be taking his place as an early access character, plus players will gain access to his area of the map, the Thunder Zone.

The latest story update also promises to bring many more specific updates that fans have been waiting for, including the chance to upgrade certain buildings and characters to their final level. Previously the game had a level cap, so the unlocking of specific items and outfits was impossible, but the new update is raising that cap so fans can access a host of new features.

Fans have been clamoring for a story update for months as the game has been releasing event after event instead. The current Spider-Man event has not gone down too well with fans, with complaints aboout how long it is and how hard it is to get anything done without paying money for Infinity Gem shards.




This new update doesn't mean that events are over, as Werner confirms that the update will be followed by a mini-event that will bring in Phil Coulson, MODOK and best of all, The Unbeatable Squirrel Girl! Following that, another larger event will occur that promises to bring in "classic heroes from the comics and TV."

Datamining of the game has shown actions and dialogue for the likes of Daredevil and Luke Cage, so it's likely we'll be getting a Defenders event at some point. Recent developments in the Spider-Man event have introduced talk about The Kingpin, which makes a Defenders event all the more likely for later this year.

Avengers Academy's Spider-Man event is due to finish tonight, but no time frame on the story update has been given as of this writing.


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