TV: The first trailer for Nickelodeon's Power Rangers Megaforce is now online for your streaming pleasure. [Huffington Post TV]

Papercraft: If the vinyl Prison Pit figures are a little too rich for your blood at the moment, Paperfoldables' papercraft figures may tickle your fancy. [Johnny Ryan]

Gaming: The Amazing Spider-Man: Ultimate Edition will arrive on the Wii U in March. "Ultimate Edition" probably means it'll automatically include the game's DLC. [Joystiq]

Toys: Iron Man 3 figures will join the HeroClix TabbApp this summer. [CBM]

Gaming: Kamen Rider is getting the Dynasty Warriors treatment on May 23 in Japan with the release of Kamen Rider: Battride Wars. [Crunchyroll]

Cuteness: Neon Genesis Evangelion has inevitably crossed over with Hello Kitty in a new product line in Japan that includes plush toys and phone cases. [ANN]

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