Video: Mass Effect 3 and new Mass Effect: Paragon Lost OVA voice actor (and eternal hero of millions of people like me) Freddie Prinze Jr. accidentally called anime "Japanimation," but apologized for the incredibly minor gaffe. Dudes, cut FPJr. some slack! [Kotaku]

Awesome: Jason Geyer returns with more of his rejected Star Wars toy concepts, this time with a lot of dental care ideas. [AFI]

Awesome: Angus MacLane images Lego Wonder Woman with an invisible mech with masterful results. [Super Punch]

Gaming: Namco Bandai has announced a new PSP Heroes VS game, which will pit Gundam, Kamen Rider and Ultraman characters against one another in Japan this February. [Dengeki]

Custom Action Figures: Tommyx's custom figure of The Captain will have you missing Nextwave even more than you already did. [Toycutter]

Fashion: Japanese Neon Genesis Evangelion fans can sport some new formal wear from Haruyama should their AT fields allow it. [ANN]

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