Movies: Just like its titular character, the Deadpool movie doesn't seem easy to kill and could very well still happen. [ScreenCrush]


Vogue Gunpla
photographed by Steven Klein

Fashion: Finally! Gunpla in Vogue! [Vogue]


Gotham City Comics and Coffee

Retailers: Gotham City Comics and Coffee in Mesa, Arizona is apparently brewing a winning combo. [Robot6]

Video: Final Cut King brings Mega Man to life in a tile-tastic stop motion animated video. [Arcade Sushi]


Boogerman Earthworm Jim

Gaming: A playable Earthworm Jim is now a part of the Boogerman 20th Anniversary: The Video Game Kickstarter. [KS]


Video: Are you ready for a gender-swapped Street Fighter picnic? [Crunchyroll]

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