Hollywood: In other "Green Lantern" news, the first official promo art reveals the film's logo. [Superhero Hype]Art: Darth Vader posed for a family portrait with Luke and Leia and Chewbacca got a new tattoo at the Disturbance in the Force show. [Hope Gallery and Tattoo via Super Punch]

Food: A father who spends his weekends making inventive pancakes for his daughter voyaged to firm nerd territory with these Tetris pancakes. [Jim's Pancakes via Kotaku]

Hollywood 2: Does "Green Lantern" need to cool its jets? With three possible villains coming to bear upon Hal Jordan's first big screen voyage, Graeme McMillan wonders if the DC Comics adaptation is already suffering from sequelitus. [Spinoff Online]

Careers: Sounds like James "Rhodey" Rhodes is hanging up the War Machine armor and focusing on a more peaceful effort: environmental relations for the United Nations. [The Hollywood Reporter]

Hollywood 3: "The A-Team" director Joe Carnahan was once considered for the director's chair on "The Avengers," before losing it to the not-quite-official-but-totally-doing-it director Joss Whedon. [MTV Splash Page]

Hollywood 4:
New Clips from "Scott Pilgrim v.s. the World" and "The Last Airbender" debuted last night on the MTV Movie Awards. I wonder if Scott could hold his own against Avatar in a fight? [MTV Splash Page]

Comics: Bryan Lee O'Malley has finished inking the final "Scott Pilgrim" volume. He's planning on a midnight release event in Toronto on July 19th, so be on the lookout for details! [Twitter]

Customs: Of all the comic book cube dudes I've seen, this Super Skrull does the best job taking advantage of the Lego's design. I mean, just look at that chin! [Super Punch]