Video: We've seen the Guardians of the Galaxy trailer get "sweded," now a group of industrious video-makers have recreated the whole thing in LEGO bricks. [YouTube]


Animation: The newest clip from Batman: Assault on Arkham shows the Dark Knight silently taking down a whole squad of guards, video-game style. [ComicBookMovie]



Books: A handful of preview pages from Drew Friedman's Heroes of the Comics has hit the Web, and it looks great. [Fantagraphics blog]



Gaming: Panini is planning to release an updated version of the Dragonball Z trading card game, which was originally released by Score in 2000. [ICv2]


Movies: The new international trailer for the Michael Keaton-starring film about a former superhero actor, Birdman, is positively nuts. [ScreenCrush]



Trademarks: Marvel has apparently filed for a trademark for Squirrel Girl, everyone's favorite rodent-based Great Lakes Avenger. It could mean a TV or movie project in her future. [blastr]

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