Movies: The Guardians of the Galaxy tie-in site "Galaxy Getaways" can help you plan your next space vacation. [Galaxy Getaways]


Fundraising: The Lambiek Comiclopedia, a great resource for information about independent comics, is seeking donations to keep running. [The Comics Reporter]


Anime: The 10th anniversary Naruto movie, Road to Ninja, will get a limited theatrical release in North America. [Crunchyroll]


Animation: In addition to a movie sequel and a planned ongoing comic series, director Guillermo del Toro also has plans for a Pacific Rim animated series, that will be a prequel to the first movie. [ScreenCrush]


Toys: This great-looking throwback Alien playset, which mimics the old Kenner logo and everything, will be a Comic-Con exclusive. [io9]


Movies: According to reports, Warner Bros. hired Kevin Smith to write and released a fake script to Batman v. Superman: Dawn of Justice, just as one big red herring. I wonder if Batman pees himself in it. [MovieWeb]