Delicious: Star Wars fans can now get their hands on Han Solo frozen in carbonite -- sweet, chocolatey carbonite. [Gizmodo]

Musicals: It looks like the ultra-expensive Spider-Man: Turn Off the Dark musical is actually making money. [NYT]

Interviews: Guy Delisle talks to Actua BD about his upcoming travelogue from Jerusalem. Just be sure you've a translator in your browser (unless you can read French). [The Comics Reporter]

Movies: The latest issue of Jump Square magazine features an image of Japan's live-action Rurouni Kenshin star Takeru Satoh in character, complete with his signature Sakabato. The movie opens in Japan on August 25, though a US date hasn't been announced yet. [ANN]

Gingerbread, Man: A Gingerbread Stark Tower made a festive appearance at the Quad City Arts Festival of Trees this past weekend. [Andertoons]

Toys: Marvel Universe's new Electro variants have received a translucent hand upgrade. [Marvelousnews]

Threads: New Era's latest Batman: Arkham City caps are now up for sale at the NE site. I wouldn't wear the Joker one in Two-Face territory, though. [New Era]

Video: Current and past cast members of Doctor Who tell bedtime stories in an appropriately awesome manner. [The Mary Sue]

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