Blah: Into Dark Horse's adaptation of Felicia Day's "The Guild" web series? You'll really dig Gilbert Hernandez's variant cover for December's "The Guild: Vork" and Peter Bagge's "The Guild: Tink," which drops in early 2011. [PopCandy]

Industry: Tom Spurgeon asks 12 questions regarding DC's bi-coastal restructuring plans. [The Comics Reporter]

Blah: Andrew Garfield's Spider-Man may have a female co-star soon. Actresses in the running include Emma Stone and Mia Wasikowska. [EW]

Music: Radical Publishing is branching out into sonically into Radical Music, "Radical Music, a division that will produce music content to be used in the film, television, video game, social media, mobile and record production space." So yeah, despite the name Rad Music, your indie band probably isn't what they have in mind. [Radical]

Gaming: Want to enter to win a custom Xbox 360 slim tricked out in celebration of the October 6 release of "Comic Jumper: The Adventures of Captain Smiley?" Joystiq has you covered. [Joystiq]

Art: "Sweet Tooth" creator Jeff Lemire's recent Wolverine painting is for sale on eBay and will be worth every penny to the eventual auction winner. [eBay]

Time Travel: You will believe a TARDIS can fly with the new Doctor Who Levitating Timelord's Spinning TARDIS collectible. I think it uses magnets, but don't ask me to explain how those work. [Tomopop]

Toys: Diamond Select's upcoming Gambit action figure represents the '90s in full effect with a Danger Room diorama fit for a Cajun King. [Marvelous News]

More Gaming: If, like us, you didn't make Capcom's "Marvel Vs. Capcom Fight Club" event last week in Chicago, you can still enjoy the awesome pixel art featured on attendees' bracelets. [Joystiq]