Gaming: Doomsday clashes with Shazam in the latest Injustice: Gods Among Us gameplay trailer. [GameStop]

Eats: It ain't the Adam West ride, but this '80s comics era Batmobile cookie jar may be what your cave needs to store sweets. [Neatorama]

Conventions: DC has announced its WonderCon 2013 comic, poster and t-shirt exclusives. [The Source]

Accessories: Brando's upcoming iPhone 5 Iron Man Mark VII comes tricked out with an LED and rotatable shoulder camera cover... for $50. [Gizmodo]

Tech: Mimoco has announced a new Adventure Time BMO Rainbow Mimobot flash drive, for fans of sentient gaming consoles. [Mimoco]

Smells: Just what every Shinji needs, Evangelion body spray. [Crunchyroll]

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