Movies: Film Sketchr digs into Harald Belker's previously-unseen Iron Man movie concept art, which includes a very Iron Man-y sports car. [Film Sketchr]

Video: Fans can now check out the first trailer for Jimmy's End, the upcoming short film by Alan Moore and Mitch Jenkins. [io9]

Food: Even though you aren't supposed to judge a wine by its label, The Mortal Vinter's 2010 Skeleton Head Syrah has art by Mike Mignola, so whatever, it's probably the best wine ever. [Robot 6]

Video: Why do people of all ages like Adventure Time? PBS's Idea Channel explains at least one possible component of the show's success among adults. [IC]

Retailers: Hastings has made its print comics -- including store-specific variants -- available for purchase online. [Hastings]

Crowdfunding: Axe Cop fans who'd like a peep behind the comic's origins and continued success may be interested in an ambitious documentary project. [KS}

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