Cats: Limecat, you've got some serious cuteness competition from Pomelo Iron Man Cat. [Geektrooper]

Video: Director Kyle Roberts is currently working on a new live action project called Posthuman, which is seeking fan funds to produce a feature with "the heart of a John Hughes film and the energy of X-Men." [Posthuman]

Toys: The Fwoosh has an awesome gallery of DC Universe Classics test shots. My favorites are Blue Beetle and Superboy. [The Fwoosh]

Gaming: Little Big Planet players can now purchase the sixth Marvel Comics costume pack. [PlayStation Blog]

Customs: ToyBiz's evil mutant Bonebreaker may not have been such an X-Men bargain bin dweller in the '90s if it'd looked more like Lobão's awesome custom. [Toycutter]

Anime: Gucci and Jojo's Bizarre Adventure... together at last! [Crunchyroll]

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