Webcomics: Lucy Knisley's "It Gets Better" tells the story of how the creator learned the cliché told to teens, "These are the best years of your life," is pretty much only said by people who are doing it wrong. She's absolutely right, although I do wish I had more time to play videogames these days. [Super Punch]

Weird History: Cracked counts down some eerie historical events foretold by comic book stories. Superman villains knew a thing or two about how to kill some dudes back in the day. [Cracked]

Concepts: Garth Ennis' new Dynamite series Jennifer Blood will star a housewife vigilante who slays criminals after her husband and kids fall asleep. I'll never sell Marvel my The FUNisher concept now... [ICv2]

Art: Adult Swim makes Williams Street beautiful with funky new street art. [Adult Swim]

Toys: This elegant custom Grim Reaper by gypsy85 looks like it came right off the shelf. Extra points for using the Bullseye head. [Toycutter]

Gaming: Britain's hedgehogs are falling victim to roadkill accidents at rate that threatens their numbers. To help raise awareness, Sonic the Hedgehog's Sega is sponsoring a hedgehog crossing and donning a real hog in his red kicks. I wonder if Archie Comics (or, more likely, Fleetway Editions) will get involved at some point? [Kotaku]

Cosmic: O'Nell Design's Glyos action figure line is made even more awesome by Matt Doughty and Ralph Niese's accompanying Kirby-style webcomic. [The Gendrone Chronicles]

Threads: It's too late to buy yesterdays "Going Green" shirt from TeeFury featuring a biking, green, hulk of a fellow, but it's fun to look at nonetheless. [TeeFury]

Art: DeviantART user JosephB222 imagines Disney's princesses as Sith queens. Come to think of it, why weren't there any Sith females in the Star Wars films (I know, I know, there are tons in the expanded universe)? I guess Palpetine looked like somebody's great grandma. Does that count? [The Daily What]

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