Crossover: Still reeling from the "Mad Men" finale? Check out yet another Don Draper mashup with comics -- this time of the Batman variety. (Newsarama)

TV: Jackie Brown makes her way to Smallville with the arrival of Pam Grier in a recurring role as Amanda Waller in the 9th season of the Superman show in episodes scripted by DC Comics writer Geoff Johns. (Splash Page)

Anime: Man, the Lego crossovers just don't stop, do they? This time, the little Danish blocks take on "Howl's Moving Castle." (Topless Robot)Vampires: First of all, STOP. Just stop. Second of all, Dracula needs to take a seat, because according to Wikipedia, Count Chocula is the more powerful of all vampires. Unlike other famous blood-suckers, whose are vulnerable numerous things such as sunlight, garlic, and silver, the only thing weakness of the Count of Breakfast Cereals is apparently sogginess. And even that still needs proper authentication.

WTF: And that's how Spider-Man got arrested for punching a guy in Los Angeles. (LA Times)

Art: Floating World Comics has teamed up Al Columbia, the creator of the upcoming Fantagraphics book "Pim and Francie," to produce a limited edition print of his "Toyland" painting.

Movies: According to IMDB, G4 personality Olivia Munn will be playing the role of Iron Maiden in "Iron Man 2." Since her clothes seem to fall off roughly as often as a superheroine's, we deem this a good fit.

Manga: The Onion's A.V. Club talks about "Astro Boy" creator Osamu Tezuka, who drew an estimate 150,000+ pages in his lifetime. It's also worth noting that the recent Hollywood remake of "Astro Boy" did not go over very well in Japan.

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