Webcomics: Jess Fink's guest strip at Kate Beaton's Hark! A Vagrant is so, so wonderful. Read it, won't you? [Hark! A Vagrant]

Geography: A neighborhood in Zaragoza, Spain is naming their streets after videogames, starting with the 25-year-old Super Mario Bros. Why? Because they're awesome, is why. [The Daily What]

Music: What's Bear McCreary's secret to scoring truly scary zombies from the south? Electric banjo. [MTV Splash Page]

Toys: New One Piece miniatures Give fans a look into the manga's future with detail aplenty. [Tomopop]

Animation: New clips from the upcoming "Superman/Shazam: The Return of Black Adam" short from the new DC Showcase Original Shorts Collection are making the rounds online. Billy Batson is pretty great in them. [CBR]

Tech: Hasbro has a Viewmaster-like pair of 3D goggles in the pipeline to augment iPhone content. Using them looks pretty goofy, but if they capitalize on their Marvel license, I can envision more than a few comic fans pressing them to their faces. [Yahoo]

Art: Illustrator Gene Gonzales sketches the classic Spider-Man love triangle. [Gene Gonzales]

Technology: Could Hanvon's color E-ink tablets threaten the iPad for comic book supremacy down the road? [Bleeding Cool]

Toys: Speaking of Hasbro, the toy company has revealed its upcoming 3.75" Iron Man 2 "Movie Series" Wave 1 For 2011, which primarily consists of repainted Iron Man and War Machine armors. Still, it's a good chance to score some new colorworks and that Hammer Drone prototype doesn't look too shabby. [MarvelousNews]