Movies: Having directed the hugely successful Iron Man and Iron Man 2, it looks like for whatever reason Jon Favreau won't be coming back for a third helping of Tony Stark action. Barring the possibility that this is just some temporary Hollywood drama, I'll be bummed if Favreau is done with the Marvel U. [MTV Splash Page]

Travel: You may want to triple check your laptop, iPad and smartphone for comics with "adult" content (the definition of which depends on the nation you're visiting) before traveling internationally. As the CBLDF reminds us, some places will seize your devices if they don't share your tastes. [Robot6]

Manliness: If you like the manly adventures of Conan, Kull, and Solomon Kane, Dark Horse Comics' Man Tips Twitter feed will be right up your manly alley of manliness. [ManTips]

Digital Comics: iPad users can now download Winsor McCay's 12-page Little Nemo in Christmasland tale for free on iTunes. Now that's some holiday cheer! [iTunes]

Animation: The original Tron and its upcoming Legacy sequel may have fancy special effects, but the Korean animated film Savior of Earth has badly dubbed, highly derivative badness. It uh... wins by losing. [Great White Snark]

Threads: Darwyn Cooke's DC-centric Free Comic Book Day tee design is wonderful, but not free itself. You can preorder one at your LCS and nab it when they arrive it April, though. [FCBD]

Badness: For about $18, you can pick up 60 Minutes' 12 minutes of jazz hands for Spider-Man: Turn Off the Dark. Or you can just YouTube it. [The Beat]

Zombies: If you'd like to relive (or, I guess, just see for the first time) some of the best zombie kills from AMC's The Walking Dead season one, this vid is your new best friend. [The Daily What]

Sci-Fi: Just in case every second of the radness that was Star Trek: The Next Generation isn't seared into your brain tissue, Eric Colossal has some fabulous comic book recaps. [Super Punch]

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