Video: South Korean pop star Psy and his equestrian style dance moves have inspired some intrepid The Legend of Korra cosplayers to kick it Gangnam Style. [George Dugong]

Crowdfunding: Top Cow's Cyber Force Kickstarter has successfully raised its goal of $75,000 for the creation and distribution of free issues of a new CF series, with several days left to go. [Kickstarter]

Fan Films: Batgirl: Spoiled follows the adventures of Stephanie Brown, a face fans won't be seeing in the New 52 anytime soon. [MTV Splash Page]

Art: Ken Wong's "Know Your Street Fighters" posters assemble the series' most prominent fighters in one convenient place. [iam8bit]

Gaming: Kotaku remembers Nihon Bussan's 1987 Lone Wolf and Cub video game based on Kazuo Koike and Goseki Kojima's classic manga, which features surprisingly dance-y tunes. [Kotaku]

Movies: A new Dredd 3D image zooms in on Olivia Thirlby in her Judge Cassandra Anderson role. [Facebook]

Lego: You can't take the sky from Brickfrenzy's Lego minifig scale Serenity and corresponding custom figures. [The Brothers Brick]

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