Holidays: It's Labor Day in America, which means I'm forcing you to look at toys on my desk for no good reason.

Internetting: Need a high concept for your comic story? They Fight Crime will randomly generate one for you with a click. [TFC]

History: Have time for a few thousand words on the history of the comic strip today? The AV Club has what you're after. [The Daily Cartoonist]

Video: Archie Comics doesn't subscribe to the "Immortal" Tails tradition established in Sonic 2 and other games in its stories, and that's probably for the best. [Dorkly]

Gaming: Have you spied the box art for X-Men: Destiny? It looks like this. [HeroHQ]

TV: Did you know Iron Man would be fighting R2-D2/Daleks in the IM anime? Now I really need to catch up on it. [Agent M]

Gaming: The upcoming Dragon Ball Z Ultimate Tenkaichi game will allow character customization. It doesn't appear that there will be a ton of options since it's basically mixing and matching/coloring components of existing characters, but it seems like it could be a fun gimmick nonetheless. [Kotaku]

Ink: For this guy's sake, I really hope Christopher Nolan doesn't mod Bane's mask before The Dark Knight Rises arrives in theaters. [i09]

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