Art: Flavorwire collects celebrity paper dolls, including Voltron Lady Gaga. [Flavorwire]

Locomotion: A Doraemon train in Japan run by Odakyu Electric Railway unintentionally broke the law by effectively advertising for the anime character and will remove the decorations in October. [ANN]

Upcoming: IDW has announced, The Death of Optimus Prime, an exploration of the Autobot leader's role in the Transformers universe, coming this December. [IDW]

Cakes: Two for Two Cakes crafts a beautiful Cake depicting Adventure Time's Fiona and Cake the Cat. [Super Punch]

Toys: Revoltech's got some upcoming Pixar toys you will want to see. [Tomopop]

Gaming: Marvel Super Hero Squad Online is having a gold sale through Septebmer 29. [Heroup]

Infographic: Loldwell illustrates the "Evolution of a Coffee Addict." [Blogwell]

Threads: I haven't priced bow ties, but if you're aiming to rock Matt Smith's Doctor Who look, this Eleventh Doctor's bow tie replica may be up your alley for $28. [BBTS]

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