Art: The Phantom Zone isn't an awesome place to be trapped, but it is awesome to see evil Kryptonians trapped there in Lego form care of Brothers Brick. [Great White Snark]

Interviews: Neil Gaiman discusses the pros and cons of social media like Facebook and Twitter pretty candidly with Tammy Oler. He also kind of makes a case for Google Image's search filters. There are things you can never unsee, after all. [Vulture]

Digital Comics: DC's digital Zuda imprint formally said goodbye yesterday at its official blog, but teased at a possible future as it migrates to "The Official Production Blog of DC Online." We wish them the best. [The Collective]

Humor: When the Joker gets flowing, Arkham Asylum turns into a total party. [YouTube]

Beverage: Alchemic Ale, the makers of Ron Regé Jr.'s beer/minicomic combo "Yeast Hoist" #15, are at it again with Mat Brinkman's "Monsters" comic partnered with a Bokrijiks Belgian Ale. [Robot6]

Hollywood: This has been circulating for a few days, but out of sheer denial I hesitated to share that a "Family Circus" movie might surface. Woe to the poor kid cast as Jeffy. A Jake Lloydian life may await you, my boy. [The Daily Cartoonist]

Gaming: A few Marvel staffers try out the upcoming re-release of the "X-Men" arcade game. If thought balloons were real, I have a feeling we'd be seeing a few giant smiley emoticons floating overhead. [Via Twitter @cbake76]

Awards: Dark Horse Comics and Dark Horse Entertainment were awarded the 2010 Oregon Governors' Gold Award this past weekend. [Dark Horse]

Covers: DC's announced a special cover format that's rolling out in January that centers its stars amid plenty of white space. [The Source]

Toys: Archie Comics' upcoming "Megaman" series has me even more excited about the upcoming Blues/Protoman model kit action figure from Kotobukiya. [Super Punch]

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