Publishing: Sunday Press has announced plans to bring Winsor McCay's "Little Nemo" to the iPad. [PW]

Costumes: The Milwaukee Journal Sentinel watches Wacthman, a local superhero. [ICv2]

Anime: Did you noticed similarities between "Invader Zim" robot/puppy Gir and Gainax's "Panty & Stocking" dog Chuck? IZ creator Jhonen Vasquez did, with hilarious (and good natured) results. [ANN]

Gaming: Namco Bandai's upcoming "Gundam Musou 3" has cell-shaded graphics down to a mobile suit science. [Kotaku]

Commerce: JK Parkin shows off the recent surge in Marvel Comics swag (and Boom!'s Disney comics) at Disney theme parks. [Robot6]

Toys: Loosecollector imagines a Marvel Legends version of Deadpool in Weapon X duds. [Toycutter]

Hollywood: I made light of the completely empty "Green Lantern" official movie site yesterday, but apparently its source code confirms that Parallax is the bad guy. [Superherohype]

Eyes: Dash Shaw examines what's in a pupil in a rundown of some of comic book history's most famous blank-eyed heroes. [ComicsComics]

Animation: Watching the "Star Wars" trilogy is great, but it can take awhile. You can get a very cute paper stop-motion animated synopsis in just two minutes, though, thanks to Ericpowerup. [BoingBoing]

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