Movies: Kevin Donofrio spots a Metropolis police car from Chicago's current Man of Steel shoots. [Thanks to CA reader Joseph Pekula]

Manga: Though Tokyopop is no more, Hetalia may live on with the help of a third party. [Comics Worth Reading]

Creators: Steve Bissette breaks down why a writer asking a professional artist to draw their graphic novel (or storyboard their screenplay) for free isn't cool. [srbissette]

Movies: Shout! Factory will release the Captain America 1979 TV movies, Captain America and Captain America II: Death Too Soon in one convenient double feature set on DVD October 18. [SF]

Awesome Things: It's not exactly comics, but LeVar Burton is launching the RRKidz app for iOS and Android devices. That's right, Reading Rainbow is (sort of) back, baby! [Venturebeat]

Food: This One Piece bento cook book will teach readers how to put Luffy's face on food. Also, it comes with a character molds for jiggly edibles. [Japanator]

Sculpture: One hairy Transformers fan has made his allegiance to the Autobots spectacularly clear. [Neatorama]

Video: Stripped: The Comics Documentary has posted a new Kickstarter update with a reel of rough cuts from its upcoming release. [The Comics Reporter]

Kickstarting: If you're considering using Kickstarter or similar sites to raise funds for a project, consider Shaenon Garrity's "16 steps" for success. [TCJ]

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