Movies: USA Today has debuted a new still from Man of Steel... which is Superman standing around with some military peeps like in the trailer. [USA Today]
Video: It's the pairing you seriously never dreamed in fan Adrien Fauconnier's Tintin Vs. Dragon Ball trailer. [Topless Robot]

Movies: Splash Page has an early look at a featurette from the Dredd 3D Blu-ray/DVD, out on January 8, that profiles the character's evolution over the years in the pages of 2000 AD. [MTV]

Tools: Just in case you'd like to pop open bottled beverages with Captain America's mighty shield, Diamond Select Toys has you covered. [Toy Ark]

Video: Japanese rock band Flow covers the classic Dragon Ball Z theme "Cha-La-Head-Cha-La," for the upcoming Dragon Ball Z - Battle of Gods movie. [Crunchyroll]

Gaming: HeroClix Online has introduced new Batman Streets of Gotham Fast Forces figures to the game, plus other new digital pieces like Oracle, Lady Blackhawk, Huntress, Black Canary, Hawk and Dove. [HCO]

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