Art: Dan Hipp illustrates the magic (and the fear) that is Mario Kart 64. Is it too much to hope for "Double Dash" and "Wii" additions down the Rainbow Road? [Misterhipp]

Industry: Following an examination of a comic's labor costs, The Beat takes a look at how printing costs factor into the business of new title creation. [The Beat]

Releases: Fantagraphics will publish William S. Burroughs' lost graphic novel "Ah Pook is Here" come summer 2011. [Wired]

Art: Check out a new gallery featuring the art of Josh Meadors, a prolific talent who is currently fighting a battle with cancer. [ComicArtFans]

Hollywood: Turns out "Jonah Hex" star Josh Brolin agrees with a healthy portion of fans about how the film turned out. [MTV Splash Page]

Animation: Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson will be lending his voice to The Hub's "Transformers: Prime" as the voice of autobot Cliffjumper. [ToplessRobot]

Gaming: "Street Fighter" + "Highschool Musical" + "She's All That?" Yes. Please. [Great White Snark]

Threads: "Adventure Time" fans can now get their groove on double rainbow style with a new shirt from Mighty Fine. [Super Punch]

Names: Marc Guggenheim's November release from Image, "Utopian," will now be titled Halcyon. No mythical birds seem to be involved, however. [Comics Continuum]

Relationships: It looks like Tank Girl and her mutant kangaroo lover have parted ways after 22 years. Have they never heard the phrase, "Stay together for the fans?" [First Comics News]