School Supplies: Monogram's got a set of 16 Marvel erasers headed to market in August. Not sure if the Deadpool one regenerates as you use it. [BBTS]

Apps: You can now digitally imagine your 31st century fate with the new Futurama Head-In-A-Jar iOS app. [Laughing Squid]

Audio: Jamie Coville chronicles scads of Comic-Con panels (including the Indie Comics Marketing 101 panel featuring Laura Hudson), plus this year's Eisner Awards. [thecomicbooks]

Art: Voltron's always been made of robot lion vehicles, but "Meowtron" by Mark James Yamamoto takes the high concept one step cuddlier with a kitty aesthetic. [Super Punch]

Trailers: Marvel previews October's Incredible Hulk #1 by Jason Aaron and Marc Silvestri. [Marvel]

Photography: Aled Lewis imagines a meeting of two Wolverines Logans. [Aledknowsbest]

Gaming: If you are patient and PC-savvy, you too could insert Superman into Grand Theft Auto IV. [Kotaku]

Blah: Someone with mad skills carved a watermelon into Optimus Prime. It's Bay's super complicated Prime, too, which makes it even more impressive. [Geekologie]

Video: boJacProductions imagines what it might be like if Superman and Batman were roomies as younger, brasher, men. [YouTube]

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