Gaming: Gazillion's COO David Brevik gives fans their latest look at the Marvel Heroes MMO in the game's first developer diary. [Marvel Heroes Online]

Upcoming: Buck Rogers will return to new comic book adventures from Hermes Press as written and illustrated by Howard Chaykin. [ICv2]

Science: PHD Comics explains this week's Higgs boson particle breakthrough with an easy-to-understand video. [PHD Comics]

Toys: Thanks to some sleuthing by Pixel Dan, you can now get a look at Playmates' SDCC exclusive "Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Night Shadow Leonardo" action figure. [Pixel Dan]

Interviews: Sculptor Tim Bruckner talks to Monster Model Review about co-authoring Pop Sculpture and his career sculpting toys, statues and other collectibles. [MMR]

Infographics: H&R Block compares Batman and Spider-Man's taxes, among other things. [H&R Block]

Upcoming: PaperCutz will debut Power Rangers Super Samurai Vol. 1: Memory Short at SDCC. [PaperCutz]

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