History: Joe Brancatelli runs down the falling comic book sales numbers of the '70s in the 1978 issue of Eerie #95. Some of those numbers don't seem too far off from today's. [Kevin Mellon]

Digital Comics: Archie Comics is having a special Valentines Day sale through the end of today that puts every one of their iPhone iVerse app titles at $0.99. [Archie]

History: The secret history of Alan Moore's unpublished Big Numbers #4 has been revealed. Short version: The art got... recycled. [Robot6]

Art: Inspired by playing Final Fantasy XIV, cartoonist Marian Churchland (Elephantmen, Madame Xanadu) is flexing her artistic muscle with an exercise creating concept art for her own game idea she calls The Crossing. [Robot6]

Gaming: Chris Baker, Manager of Licensed Games at Marvel Studios reveals the last batch of alternate costumes for Marvel's side of the Marvel Vs. Capcom 3: Fate of Two Worlds coin. [Marvel]

Movies: Tiger Mask, the hero who has inspired numerous donations to Japanese orphanages has a live action film in the works for a November release. [ANN]

Gaming: The upcoming Skylanders: Spyro's Adventure videogame will include a "Portal" mat that lets players "drop" characters into the game by way of placing game-centric toys onto it. It's action figure augmented reality, baby!. It's just a matter of time before this tech spreads to stuff like Hasbro's Super Hero Squad...right? [Joystiq]

Toys: New images of Mattel's Green Lantern Deluxe Battle Shifters movie action figures have popped up pre-Toy Fair to show off Hal Jordan and Kilowog. [Toynewsi]

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