TV: AMC has let loose more bloody footage from season two of The Walking Dead. [Topless Robot]

Museums: The Jack Kirby Museum seeks to open to the public within the coming year, pending more funding. [Kirbymuseum]

Reviews: Atomic Sleepwalker averages New 52 reviews from several comic book sites, including ours at CA. [A-S]

Fresh Ink! Online: Blair Butler and True Blood star Michael McMillian share their top picks of the week, which include The Flash, All-New Spider-Man, Aquaman, Secret Avengers, The Ultimates, Brilliant and Teen Titans. [FIO]

Toys: Mega Bloks' second wave of Micro Marvel figures has apparently hit retail. They're blind bagged, but at around $2.50 a pop, I suspect I'll be gambling on at least a few. [Battlegrip]

TV: Cartoon Network will rebroadcast the CGI Scary Godmother movies this month. [ComicsContinuum]

Gaming: Spider-Man: Edge of Time is out today, and its final combat trailer basically shows Spider-Man 2099 breakdancing. I must have this game. [Gamespot]

Webcomics: DeviantArt user Petty Artist reveals Portal companion cubes could be harboring a horrible, horrible secret. [Super Punch/Reddit]

Toys: Hasbro's sixth wave of Marvel Universe 3.75" action figures should be in stores before too long. Totally spaced on posting the toy images of Iron Fist, Psylocke, Storm, Patriot, Ages of Thunder Thor and Shadowland Daredevil. [Toy Ark]

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