Fresh Ink! Online: Blair Butler and Murs review last week's comics, which include Catwoman, Batman, Daredevil, Green Lantern Corps., Northlanders, A Game of Thrones, Near Death, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles and Ultimate Comics: X-Men. [Fresh Ink! Online]

Writing: Pastor Skye Jethani blogs at length about The Man of Steel ditching Superman's underpants on the outside. [Robot6]

Webcomics: Shortpacked! responds to Red Hood and the Outlaws #1 by playing the numbers game (quite successfully). [Shortpacked!]

Cake: Neon Genesis Evangelion gets the weirdest cakes. [Tomopop]

Toys: Hasbro will offer a Marvel Universe Compound Hulk exclusively at New York Comic-Con at booth #302 for $11. [Marvel]

Advertising: Tokyo subway commuters got sweet lightsaber handrails to hold onto as part of a promotion for the Star Wars Blu-rays. No maimings have been reported thus far. [Neatorama]

Gaming: Jack Locke's Twin Peaks playable Atari 2600 game Black Lodge, will blow your mind. [Kotaku]

Movies: The German trailer for The Adventures of Tintin features some previously unseen footage. [SHH]

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