Creators: Swallow Me Whole and Any Empire creator Nate Powell joined a host of young adult fiction authors for an appearance at the United Nations last week to help raise funds for young refugees from war-torn Darfur. [Top Shelf]

Movies: The rumors of planned screenings of the six-minute prologue for The Dark Knight Rises being shown prior to Mission: Impossible - Ghost Protocol starting December 16 in certain IMAX theaters seem like they may be coming to fruition. [ComingSoon]

TV: Responding to the high ratings of its season two episodes, AMC has already renewed The Walking Dead for a third season. [AMC]

Live Art: Numerous artists put their stamp on the Chevy Sonic at NYCC. Can you guess which contribution is my favorite? [Chevrolet]

Gaming: Batman: Arkham City shipped 4.6 million copies in the past week, with at least 2 million sold. [Joystiq]

Video: Some days, giant Lego dudes bearing cryptic messages wash up on the beach. [Boing Boing]

Art: Stephen Price replaces the New Yorker icon Eustace Tilley with Hellboy. [The Beat]

Toys: Mattel's Green Lantern Movie Masters Series 5, including versions of Parallax and Morro will arrive in stores soon. [TNI]

Art: Ben.Millet's model of Howl's moving castle from the same-named Studio Ghibli film is truly a wonder of fan-crafted miniature real estate. [Flickr]

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