Fundraising: Jillian Kirby, the 16-year-old granddaughter of Jack Kirby, announces Kirby4Heroes, a fundraising effort for the Hero Initiative, in honor of The King of Comics' August 28 birthday at Hero Complex. [HC]

TV: NBC is developing a live action adaptation of Adam Beechen and Manny Bello's Hench, which sees a man temp for bad guys as a henchman to make money to support his family. [Deadline]

Crafts: Etsy seller Bobobabushka paints nesting dolls based on The Avengers movie, among other subjects. [Neatorama]

Upcoming: Skybound is teasing the death of Invincible in the hero's 100th issue. [Skybound]

Toys: Tado's Adventure Time minifigures for Gallery Nucleus are every single positive adjective Finn uses. [Super Punch]

Infographics: Networked Insights tracked the popularity of Marvel characters on social media from June 10 - July 10. [Blastr]

Eats: Bandai's "One Piece Dream -- Overflowing Dessert Dream, Thousand Sunny" looks like a shining ray of deliciousness. [Crunchyroll]

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