Movies: X-Men: First Class gets a yearbook of sorts with new character images courtesy of Fox. [Total Film]

Libraries: Eduardo Zepeda from Weslaco Public Library won a $20,000 Great Graphic Novel Library Giveaway prize at the Texas Library Association's Annual Conference last week. His patrons will have access to 700 select titles very soon. [Graphic Novel Reporter]

Documentaries: Robert Emmons Jr.'s Diagram for Delinquents documentary aims to chronicle the history of psychologist and Seduction of the Innocent author Fredric Wertham... if it can secure the Kickstarter funding . [Newsarama]

Movies: Nestor Carbonell (Lost, The Tick) will reprise his role as mayor of Gotham City in The Dark Knight Rises. Shyeah! [Variety]

Proposals: Star Wars fan Mike Koehler is working to bring the Battle of Hoth to his native Oklahoma City by building a scale AT-AT replica. Having been to OKC, I can back spicing things up a little. [Topless Robot]

Audio: Want a speaking role in Neil Gaiman's upcoming American Gods audiobook -- with Gaiman coaching you along the way? There's a contest for that!. [Book Perk]

Gaming: Even though many fans are already looking forward to Telltale Games' sequel to Graham Annable's Puzzle Agent, those who haven't played the title can download it on the PS3 on April 19 for $10. [Joystiq]

Badvertising: The Achilles Effect taps Wordle to display the most common words found in TV toy commercials for girls and boys. Guess which is which. [Neatorama]

Toys: Oh hey, what's up? Nothing much here. Just, y'know, posting a picture of Clawful. [Toynewsi]

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