Movies: Two new posters from X-Men: First Class show Charles and Erik in their prime. If only they'd have looked into their reflections in puddles of water and glimpsed the future. So much fighting could have been avoided. [SpiderMedia]

TV: AMC will air a six-episode marathon of the entire first season of The Walking Dead this Friday, March 4 starting at 8 p.m. ET/PT. [Spinoff]

Conventions: This year's MoCCA guests have been announced alongside the show's official poster by Peter Kuper. [The Beat]

Upcoming: Archie's Sonic Genesis storyline kicks off in Sonic the Hedgehog #226 in June. The cover is spindashing my sense of nostalgia. [Archie]

Video: He-Man and friends have never been so ruggedly contemporary. [Topless Robot]

Parenting: Redditor poerhouse is a good parent, plain and simple. Just look at this nursery mural he painted for his unborn daughter. [TDW]

Humor: Rusty Shackles recreates a panel from 1985's Ambush Bug #2 and we're "Lovin' It." [Repaneled]

Art: Jesus Campos Jimenez imagines if Michelangelo had painted Metal Sonic with "The Creation of Metal Sonic." [Kotaku]

Tech: The Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA) might be making a friggin' Voltron lion... more or less. [Gamma Squad]