Art: Adventure Time creator Pendleton Ward imagines a web-shooter mix-up that would rule if the TMNT were around. [Twitter]

History: Albert Ching talks to Simon Furman and Simon Williams about the end of Marvel UK. [Newsarama]

Novels: The Walking Dead: The Rise of the Governor, the first of three TWD novels by Robert Kirkman and co-author Jay Bonansinga is set to arrive in stores on October 11. [CBR]

Art: Dresden Codak creator Aaron Diaz posts his Batman pitch, pairing a sniper Stephanie Brown and a techy Bruce Wayne. [Tumblr]

Tech: I was able to pick up (extremely) rudimentary soldering skills from my engineering older brother, but this how-to comic by Mitch Altman, Andie Nordgren and Jeff Keyzer looks like a great resource for those without similar familial resources. [Boing Boing]

Customs: Keith Poon transforms a 3A Toys Popbot into Captain America. [Toycutter]

Gaming: X360 magazine gets a slick Batman: Arkham City cover featuring Bats and the Joker. [Facebook]

Manga: In just four days One Piece vol. 63 has sold more than 2.1 of its initial 3.9 million copy print run in Japan. [ANN]

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