Pugs: Adventure Time storyboard artist Rebecca Sugar has published her first comic, Pug Davis, which stars an all-American anthropomorphic pug hero and his human sidekick as they adventure through space. [AdventureTimeTumblr]

Digital: Not exactly comics-related, but according to a study at MU, iPad usage is hurting print news consumption pretty much like you'd expect. [The Daily Cartoonist]

Movies: Relative newcomer Chris Zylka has joined the cast of the upcoming Spider-Man cinematic relaunch as Flash Thompson. I hope he's been practicing saying "Puny Parker." [Blastr]

Art: While it's hard to compete with Jack Kirby's own Santa Claus tales, Neil Cameron's rendering of a Kirby-fied Father Christmas is pretty swell. [NeilCameron]

Creators: Mike Mignola shares some stories from his career while drawing Hellboy. It's surprisingly soothing. Like Bob Ross, only without the nap. [Hero Complex]

Weirdvertising: That Green Hornet sure does love his chicken fingers. Also, almost murdering innocent bystanders with rockets, flamethrowers and machine guns. [io9]

Art: Doctor Seuss and Doctor Who collide in one of many spectacular Collegehumor mashups. [The Daily What]

Gaming: Marvel Pinball has been chilling in the Xbox online store for a few days now, but PS3 fans waiting for their chance to play can check out Spider-Man's board in the meantime.

Music: I've never been super into Mindless Self Indulgence, but their new Image comic illustrated by Jess Fink is making me rethink my attitude. [MTV Splash Page]

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