Music: The Guardians of the Galaxy soundtrack is now available, and it's being packaged as a mixtape created by Star-Lord. Even better: It's got David Bowie. [Nerdist]


Anime: Here's a side-by-side comparison between Sailor Moon's old transformation and her new on in the series Sailor Moon Crystal. [io9]



Infographics: Not only does this infographic offer up trivia about superhero movies since 1979, it's got a trace of an Ed McGuinness Superman to boot. []


Television: Here's the trailer for the new Batman: The Complete Television Series Blu-Ray and DVD sets, which come out in November. [YouTube]



Video Games: Telltale Games' next episode in the second season of its Walking Dead game will be out later this month. [Joystiq]



Anime: People just can't seem to quit stealing this poster for the new Saint Seiya anime film Legend of Sanctuary, because of its fancy gold paper and art from Saint Seiya creator Masami Kurumada. [Kotaku]

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