Art: Darick Maasen's taxidermed koopa paratroopa is better than anything out of the 1993 Super Mario Bros. movie. [Neatorama]

No, Really: Capcom and Hello Kitty owner Sanrio are planning a merchandising crossover. It doesn't sound like there will be a Hello Kitty Vs. Capcom game anytime soon, though. [ANN]

Digital: Alan Moore's been thinking about digital comics and says fans shouldn't be surprised if they find out about him working on something in the digital arena. [Blog@]

Gaming: Marvel Pinball is headed to the iOS, Android, PlayStation Vita, the Nintendo 3DS, the PC and the WiiU by the end of 2012. A DLC pack called "Vengeance and Virtue" will feature Ghost Rider and new tables and hit the Xbox Live Arcade and PlayStation Network by the end of 2011. [Joystiq]

Cryptid: Is there a monster lurking in an underground sewer pipe in Newtonbreda, Northern Ireland, or is "Sewerface" just shadows playing tricks on CCTV? [Boing Boing]

Conventions: William Shatner and a room full of fans shout "Khaaaaaaaan!" at Comic-Connnnnnnnn! [Kotaku]

Comic Strips: A few days ago this gag would have been incorrect! Depicting a kid reading comics at a newsstand seems to suggest that The Lockhorns creators might not have realized this, though... [The Comics Curmudgeon]

Art: Ben Caldwell's got beautiful ideas for Wonder Woman in his sketch book. Awesome stuff. [Robot6]

Board Games: There are plenty of versions of Monopoly out there, but only one features Bender as Mr. Moneybags. [ICv2]

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