Memoriam: Archie and Marvel comics artist Stan Goldberg has died at the age of 82. [The Beat]



Television: Add another superhero show to the pile. The LEGO Movie's directing/writing team of Phil Lord and Chris Miller is rebooting The Greatest American Hero. [ScreenCrush]



Manga: Yen Press has announced it will be publishing the Big Hero 6 manga based on the animated Disney movie. [AnimeNewsNetwork]


Movies: This video of actress Karen Gillan getting her head shaved to play Nebula in Guardians of the Galaxy is an emotional rollercoaster. [Collider]


Video: If you're not caught up on Uncanny Avengers, this video will catch you up before the Axis event starts up. []



Television: The live-action version of The Tick starring Patrick Warburton is returning on Amazon, according to reports. []

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