Toys: There doesn't seem to be any sign of ROM: Spaceknight returning to comics any time soon, but there's a new Mighty Muggs toy debuting at San Diego Comic-Con, at least. [MTV]


Science: Remember when President Obama said the U.S. military is building a real-life Iron Man (you should, because it's in the video above). Apparently they've now recruited the company that created the movie Iron Man suit to help. [The Verge]


Movies: The new extended Guardians of the Galaxy trailer features quite the pep talk from Star-Lord and another cool song. [ICv2]



Television: Director David Slade of Hannibal and Breaking Bad will direct the first two episodes of Powers on the PlayStation Network. [ScreenCrush]



Toys: Todd McFarlane says his company's new "construction" Walking Dead toys will feature virtually every character from the TV show. [Nerdist]


Video: Here's what it would look like if Ingmar Bergman directed The Flash. I would watch this movie. [io9]

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