Anime: Discotek Media has plans to bring Samurai Pizza Cats and its Japanese source, Kyattou Ninden Teyandee, to home video. Each series will be sold separately in box sets with 52 dubbed American episodes and 54 subtitled Japanese eps. [Topless Robot]

Creators: Dave Scheidt checks in with Becky Cloonan, Steve Niles, Tony Akins, Michael Kupperman, Rick Remender and Fiona Staples for their favorite work tunes. [HuffPo]

Movies: Though the first Tiger & Bunny film due out in September in Japan will more or less recap the anime series, the second film will feature an all-new story and characters in 2013. [ANN]

Gaming: A new trailer for DC Universe Online's "The Battle for Earth" DLC is now live, with a very angry Brainiac in tow. [IGN]

Toys: The new 6" Young Justice Batman action figure box art previews the line's upcoming Shazam! Black Manta and Red Arrow. [Action Figure Insider]

Aggregation: If you're looking for a new webcomics aggregator, Just The First Frame may be the place for you. [Robot 6]

Spoilers: The Man of Steel may not play out like you're expecting according to new movie info. [Comic Book Movie]

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